Scrape Easy

Any Data. Any Site. It's Easy.

How It Works

1) Fill out the Free Sample Request form (the more info you provide the better results you'll receive!)

2) Our team will review the request, build a small scraper and email you a sample data set.

3) We'll also send you some sample pricing of what scraping the site would look like

4) We agree on a price, required delivery date and data format.

5) We send you an invoice via PayPal

6) You pay the invoice

7) We send the data!

If you sign up for a recurring job, we'll pull the data on an on-going basis and provide the data updates. We can setup recurring billing as well.

You’re all set!

We'll be in touch soon - usually within 24 hours.

Legacy Enterprise Scraping

Work with a legacy data system or one which reporting is a challenge? We can build a scraper to archive the data, make your own API or simply backup your data quickly and easily.

To do this, we do often need a username and password, and are happy to sign an NDA before taking on a project ike that or sending the free sample.


We believe every job needs custom pricing to deliver the most value.

Paying a price per record taxes large files, which may not be difficult to scrape.
Paying per "page" has the same problem.

We'll provide our free sample and give you an estimate for scraping the remains records you're interested in, and work with you on pricing to fit your budget.

How does this work? takes the pain out of data acquisition. We're a network of expert data scrapers who are able to scrape, clean and process the data from around the web into easy to use Excel files.

Is the sample really free?

Yes! We'll review the site and return a sample, usually within 24 hours. From there, we'll estimate the cost to acquire the rest of the data set for you. The sample is risk-free.

What do people use it for?

Web scraping is a great way to get sales leads, gather competitive intelligence, build machine learning models, do research and archive records offline. We see lots of requests for public record and company record information come through.

What does it cost?

How do you deliver the files?

In some cases, simply via email. In others, we'll post the file to a secure online file share service and send you a private link.

Can I scrape data to resell?

Sure! Once we provide the data set, it's yours.

Where are you from?

Our HQ is in beautiful Chicago, Illinois.

Is this legal?

Yes, but always check the local laws, requirements and specific terms of service to ensure your request complies with local regulations.